Augusta Isabella Corson was born November 10, 1881 in Vermillion, Kansas. At the tender age of four, Augusta drew her first recognizable horse. Her mother Mary was herself an accomplished artist and at this point Augusta's father Edward was set on making a living homesteading in the Oklahoma Territory. It would be memories of these early years on the plains that would shape the art of the woman many have come to call "The Memory Painter" or the "Sagebrush Artist". Augusta grew up taking care of the family and even the neighbors livestock. Augusta's love for animals and the world around her became the center piece of sketches and drawings that the young lady would make at the end of a long day after her chores were done. In 1893 Augusta's family moved from the Oklahoma Panhandle to the the western half of Oklahoma Territoy in what would become Day County and later Roger Mills County. Ed Corson staked a claim to 160 acres of land that would support farming and had the added benefit of the historic Washita River running through it. The Corson family was only about six miles east of the Texas border, and this would be Augusta's home until her death in 1971. Mary Corson encouraged her daughter's artisitic ability, as did her uncle Professor George Davidson of San Fransico. After young Augusta began to send her uncle pictures of her animals, he began to write back encouraging letters, sometimes critiques, and eventually real art supplies. This would be the closest thing to an art lesson Augusta would ever have.

Towards the turn of the 19th century, life became increasingly hard for the Corson family. Homesteading in a land of disease, drought, blizzard, and familial hardships only proved the determined strength of a teenage girl. Somehow, Augusta continued her art at the end of day and these pictures have become treasures for lovers of her work. In December of 1905 Augusta married James Metcalf and they had a son, Howard, the following year. There is not much known about James Metcalf, except that his marriage to Augusta did not last long after Howard was born. Now Augusta was left a divorcee, single mother, and caretaker of her now invalid, widowed mother at a time when those labels on a young woman were nearly unheard of. Augusta was also now fully in charge of the family homestead that she loved. Seemingly left with no other choice she pulled herself together, added an "E" to the last name of Metcalf to distant herself from her ex-husband, and moved forward farming and ranching on her own. Weighing only 123 pounds, Augusta Corson Metcalfe worked tirelessly to provide for her mother and son but the work of farming, ranching, and housework was beginning to take it's toll. Augusta had hopes of selling her art work, and began to think of ways to get the word out about her talent. She began receiving accolades in the Oklahoma State Fair as well as the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo, Texas. She began painting for friends, neighbors, and even sending her art to well known people of that time. Augusta was a woman before her time in knowing how to humbly self-promote her talent, just hoping someone would take notice......

......And take notice they did. Soon she was featured in magazine articles such as Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman, The Gentlewoman, The Sportsman's Review, Oklahoma Today, the Oklahoman, and LIFE Magazine. Augusta was soon commissioned to create art for private collectors and admirers of her talent. She was also honored to have galleries all across the Midwest as well as the Grand Gallery in New York City handle her art. While Augusta received recognition in her younger years, it would be decades later that her name would become more well known and she would have the attention her creativity deserved. In 1983 Augusta was inducted in to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, but it would be too late for her to see the fruits of all her hard work. Augusta passed away in 1971 and her dream of an easier life for her family would never come to pass. It is the wish of the Board of Directors and staff of the Metcalfe Museum to continue the legacy of this remarkable woman. The story of our pioneers and the world through the eyes of Augusta Corson Metcalfe is a story that will live on for generations to come, thanks to the invaluable art work she has left behind.

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